All About M.A.M.I...

Although they are not musical "method" books and do not tell you how to play stylistically, 
the majority of musicians accept M.A.M.I. as a "dream come true" and a "reference that can be 
used for life" to support any musical method that they currently use (or plan) to study. 
M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlas popularity is soaring! 
We are getting thousands of visitors to are website and positive feedback and testimonials abound! 
Is is always great to hear nice things said about my books like: "dude, we're not worthy", "prolific", 
and "I take it everywhere I go!" Occasionally the uniqueness of the Matrix Approach does confuse others 
and I've had one person say "it gives me a headache", after a only brief, half-hearted glance... :-)
Generally it takes a few minutes to get oriented and understand the M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas concept.
Alas, the beauty of M.A.M.I. is the beauty of music, and is the beauty of life: there are many ways
viewpoints and perspectives. All are relative and relevant. This is the reason why I make 135 page free 
downloadable PDF formatted samples available for each version that is for sale. 
You can download the version for your instrument to get oriented, and learn to use M.A.M.I. free. 
Once you understand  the concept and find it useful,  you will probably want to purchase the complete 
580 page hardcopy reference version for your library because you will want to use it "for life". 
It will help you find new ideas and play better!   
Because of its unique format and approach, opinions are sometimes divided but most musicians 
appreciate that it was designed exactly for the purpose of being a fresh approach to solving an ages-old 
musicians problem: how to create unique ideas using musical elements.
I say: it is easier to improvise and compose if you know what elements are related to one another and 
where they are located on your instrument. Visualizing what notes, arpeggios, chords, inversions, scales 
and modes can be grouped together to create musical ideas is key. 
M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases are the first and only truly integrated visual scale reference texts optimized for 
specific instruments on the market. The idea behind the Matrix Approach is to simplify the creative process 
of musical improvisation and composition by relating all elements generated by scales and modes.
All musically useful scalar relationships can be explored on your instrument simultaneously and visually. 
It allows you to see scale notes throughout the instrument range and then use these notes to create music with 
the melodies, arpeggios, chords, inversions, scales and modes that are derived from, and related to this scale. 
So for example: when you see a "C-Major 7th" chord (sound), with M.A.M.I. it is possible to easily find all 
of the melody notes, arpeggios, inversions, and even extended chords plus modes that you can use to 
make music using this sound because it is visually diagrammed on your instrument.
 M.A.M.I. helps you to visualize, create and develop their own style, paths and approaches to make music!  

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