How to use M.A.M.I.:
the melody, arpeggio, chord, scale and mode connection...

What separates the Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation (M.A.M.I.) Scale Atlases from
other musical references on the market are our powerful concepts:  
1. Improvisation should be personal and reflect the performers own style and taste:
The idea behind M.A.M.I. is that we do not tell you, or show you what...or how to play like anyone else.
Of course much can be learned by studying any accomplished player, and this approach is also recommended.
However our M.A.M.I. Scale Atlas was created for the purpose of providing musicians with a tool for creating fresh, new ideas. 
2. The patterned nature of music can be used as a basis for improvisation:
By using our integrated eight-way visual Matrix Approach format, it is now possible (actually easy) to see useful musical patterns
that can be played throughout the entire range of your instrument for a given arpeggio, chord, inversion, scale, or mode.
It becomes much easier to develop your own new ideas using familiar or discovered patterns as a basis because M.A.M.I.'s
format visually guides you to applying these elements musically, using the concepts of voice leading, inversions and scale modality.
3. M.A.M.I. integrates and unifies the melodies, arpeggios, chords, inversions, and modes that can be created from a given scale.
Instead of separating musical elements like other books (by dealing with just arpeggios, or chords, or scales, etc.) we show
you how these elements are all related so that you can use them intelligently to create your own compositions or improvisations.
The Matrix Approach clearly shows you how melodies, arpeggios, chords, inversions, scales and modes are all connected.
Using M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases as a reference allows you the option to incorporate any of these elements into your music
at any time using a given scale. So if you are looking for musical ideas in say "C-Major 7" etc., M.A.M.I. lets you easily find
and use the all of these related elements musically throughout the range of your instrument visually in a single glance.
Having this knowledge allows you options to much more freely create and improvise your own fresh, new music!
Give me M.A.M.I. or Give me Deaf!!!

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