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M.A.M.I. Musical Scale and Modes Atlases
(M.A.M.I. = Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation)

What they are:
Integrated visual scale music reference books that are optimized for improvisation and composition on your instrument.
What you get:
45 essential arpeggios and scales x 12 keys with each of these elements being analyzed 8 ways using both visual and text references.
Theory tips and logical guides to improvisation and composition by using scales and modes in both melodic as well as harmonic contexts.

These are massive (over 570 page) reference texts that you will literally use for the rest of your life as you progress.

Who it is for:
Any player ready to have a logical system for using scales and modes on your instrument creatively.
You want (need!) to find, hear and play new things...
You are a pioneer...an aspiring legend that is ready to think, improvise and compose in your own distinctive way.
Boldly, differently, creatively...pushing the state of the art of music forward...regardless of style!
You are a forward thinking instructor or teacher who embraces the best concepts and materials because your students deserve the best...
What it is:
The ultimate scale reference book for music instrumentalists and theorists.
It is completely unique and represents a brave new world in terms of music logic and formatting.
Do you need to read music to use M.A.M.I. Scale Atlases?...No, come see why!
Think about this for a second: not only would this text not be different or creative if we used the same approach
and formats as what already exists, but also how could we help you develop your creative thinking if we had none ourselves???
Like a road atlas for your car, our M.A.M.I. Musical Scale and Modes Atlases do not tell you where to go, how fast, or how far to drive your "vehicle" (instrument). Why it was developed, why it is better, and what fosters creativity is that they allow you to see all potential melodic and harmonic musical options that are present within each scale and then logically apply these elements to create your own unique music on your instrument. You will have a system, the ability, as well as the logic to use music scales to create your own unique compositional or improvisational journeys the reflect your art! The key is to spend a few moments to grasp our Matrix Approach to Improvisation concept ... you'll start thinking creatively "out of the box", using our boxes (the M.A.M.I. Cubes) forever.

So you ask: are we serious about this book?

Absolutely, no other publisher dares give so much material free just to help you get going!

Now I'll ask you the real question: are you serious about your playing??

Because if you're serious (or when you do get "there"), the value of buying M.A.M.I. becomes very clear!!

Do you teach or play the Piano? How about a 6 or 7 String Guitar? Right-Handed or Lefty? Standard tuning or even Alternate tunings?
Interested in a unique spin on Musical Scale and Modes Theory? Great, there is a M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlas version that can help you.
There are nine instrument optimized versions in all. Just browse below and find the one that match your chosen instrument(s) of study.
If you're ready to buy, place your order by adding desired quantities directly to cart from this page and then go to checkout.
If you need more information before purchasing then click on the link for that version to visit the page(s).
I have included extensive demos for each version in Adobe PDF Format
in order to help orient you to the unique logic behind the "Matrix Approach".

Your support is always appreciated, leave a review, spread the word, or contact me if you're so inclined.

All that is left to say:

M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases...the concept, the benefits...

Some people "get it" and get "em"...

Will you???

For free samples and more information, just click on the links to the version(s) that match your instrument of study.
You will be immediately taken to the menu page for that version.

MAMI Musical Scales Atlas for Piano Keyboard Chords Charts and General Music Theory Studies

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