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Buying Instruments
Coming to your town soon:
Question: What's big, full of instruments plus equipment and will have you seeing stars?
Answer: Guitar Center, check this place is cool! 

Okay, so you need Strings, Picks, and a Vintage Amp and wanna shop 
from home on the net? Then check out my friend...and yours:


Recommended Books
Here are some books I've found that will really help you  
keep you gear straight and expand your musical world:
Here are some magazines that will keep you up on the "scene":
Flatpicking          Guitar One          Guitar Player          Guitar World
I can order posters of my heroes online?...Yep, you bet...
Yeah, you can "score" online too...
Finding Music Online
Here is a good place...


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Sheet Music
Building your repertoire and need some sheets?...

Try the "Real Book", it is the real deal for club dates and "shedding"...

Guitar Tab
Does it really matter how you learn to play? Nah...not if you play good!!! 
You will probably need to learn to read sheets to further your professional career.
But until you do, get tab here...

Hope these of luck with your studies, and enjoy some music every day!

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