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M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlas books present free bass guitar chords charts.

B-E-A-G-D-C 6-string free bass guitar chords charts, music scales and more: click images and links...


For Bass Guitar chord chart studies these unique visually integrated music books are the perfect bass guitar chord chart and bass guitar chord diagram references.

They're optimized to help promote your creative studies: improvisation and composition, on your instrument.
Unlike most other music books on the market, M.A.M.I. Musical Scale Atlases
are designed specifically to unlock your imagination by charting scales, modes and chords.
They are the ultimate bass guitar chord chart resource.
Our books allow you to see quickly and logically what is musically possible for a given scale
both in terms of its modes, chords, arpeggios, notes and then they give you the ability to create
musical ideas and bass guitar chord progressions using these elements by applying them directly to your instrument! In order to learn bass chord theory plus application, you need this book...
So bass chord fingerings within scales become obvious, apparent and useful. 
By allowing you to see all inversions and fingerings present within the scale, it is simply the 
best bass chord finder available. Learn how to play bass chords throughout the neck.

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There is a reason why M.A.M.I. Music Books are so popular around the world and referenced in over 130 countries: we believe in the value of our books and stand behind them. 
While most publishers take great care to hide their content, we share ours.
Whether you are seeking a visual bass guitar chord dictionary or are curious about the power of our books 
to transform the way you compose, improvise and think about music, there’s good news: 
we provide extensive instructions for the Matrix Approach to Music Improvisation (M.A.M.I.) Concept 
as well as free downloadable demos for most versions in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 
You can click on the links for our flash presentation, and for a brief instructional PDF download…
then go visit below to explore free PDF samples as well as purchase any of the 20 different versions
We have chosen to partner with LULU publishing because they provide us with the flexibility of
offering our content in the formats (hardcopy, print-at-home, and digitally downloadable books)
as well as pricing models (right down to the free demos) that our customers demand and can afford.
Check out our Flash video explaining the MAMI Musical Scales Atlas here!
A free 20 page PDF book is also available about the MAMI Musical Scales Atlas here!



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